Welcome to our website. Toroperro Staffies is a Registered Kennel with KUSA.

All our Staffies share my home with myself, my husband and three daughters! Our Stafffies have a fantastic temperament & therefore amazing family dogs that adore children.

My love for Staffordshire Bull Terriers started when I was a young girl, I grew up with Staffies my entire life and my love for this loving breed of dog just became stronger and stronger.

After I finished school I decided to buy my own Staffie, her name was Blaize, she came from the very famous bloodline Sylon Bliksem. She was the most amazing dog I ever owned.  When she was three years old, I arranged for her first mating with a very beautiful male called Ch Stofano Joshua (also a Champion). With this litter, I fell in love with a specific tiger brindle female puppy that I kept & named her Bree.

Blaize and Bree were inseparable with a very special mother and daughter bond. A few months later the unthinkable happened, Blaize suddenly got sick and even though she went through operations they couldn’t save her, it was one of the saddest days of my life. A few weeks later, my husband surprised me with a beautiful black puppy called Prada. I wanted other people to experience what I have with these amazing loving animals!

Soon after I decided to breed and start showing top quality Staffordshire Bull Terriers, we added a Beautiful boy to our family of dogs  from the famous sire Ch Sylon Saphooka Bullet of Sivhana and named him Ceaser.  And so the family just got bigger and bigger and still growing strong.

Our mission is, to breed top Quality Staffies with a very gentle loving temperament, but also to find dog loving home owners that will love & take care of our puppies in best possible environments.

Our Kennel Clubs Involvement:


  • Shari de Sa (Chairman)
  • Nelio de Sa (Member)

Feel free to contact us, should you have any questions about the breed or would like to visit us.

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